Workin' Hard (or Hardly Workin'?) 

    Summer.  Time for sun, savouring sudsy beverages and surely some shenanigans with a wee bit of time off from the Busy Grind of Life.

    Ah, I wish! 

    For me, being a Sole Proprietor here at BrilliantEye.ca, I’ve noticed over the last two or three decades of surviving on my Creative Mind and Its Output that summer just plain Does What It Wants To. 

    The type of clients I tend to work with are smart. They realize that the phrase "make hay while the sun shines" is not just a cute Country Bumpkin statement.  For us Canadians summer usually means "not winter".  And we tend to take most of our holidays during the summer months.  The action tends to change from Making Money to Spending Money, and usually on Fun In The Sun type experiences (which, hopefully, includes a good dose of ice cream! 😏)

    So, during July and most of August I do not tend to get a wee bit of time off… I get a Good Chunk of it.  Now, there are lots of little gigs to do and personal projects that come into being. But overall, it is a slow time of activity for me. And, really, I’m okay with that.

    I’m not a young buck anymore.  At least physically. ;)   I’ve had friends pass from this planet in recent years and they’ve reminded me, as they left, how precious "down time" is.  How quickly one’s plans for Up Ahead Somewhere can get flushed down the Cosmic Toilet of Finality.

    Thusly, I embrace this opportunity to work a bit less on "biznezz" and to allow my creative heart to take a breather. In the long run, this recharge time will serve me when the September "Gotta Get It Don Now!" season starts.

    Hoping that your summer, however it has been arriving, is serving your creative heart!  



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