• Signs Point To...

    Summer is coming to a close.  Temperatures are dropping.  The long days are stopping. 
    For the self-employed Creative, it's time for ideas of income to be popping.

    Now, I'm a CUSP baby.  I was born at such a time, around 3am September 23rd, that I teeter on  the tightrope between Virgo and Libra. An unbalanced virgin. That’s me 😉

    Today’s horoscope in the Toronto Sun (yes, once in a while I like to read words printed on paper - though it is becoming a dying practice sadly) was interesting to me as I pondered what I wanted my Fall of 2017 to look like.  

    As my life feels at times tangled between two worlds, so did the advice of the Virgo and Libra stars. 

    What I read had a lot about WORK and LOSS and BUSINESS and VULNERABILITY and even EMOTIONS.  Even a somewhat dire warning about being TOO "open" about how I FEEL. Apparently, today at least, I’m to be careful around any business decisions.

    The more interesting advice here, to me, (and I’ve heard SO many variations on this theme): "Keep business & personal matters separate."


    This is an issue that I’ve tussled with most of my adult life.  To me, at some point in my younger days while pondering the workings of this somewhat crazy Universe, I realized it is ALL personal.  We can not separate who we are from what we do, no matter how we try to mentally, morally or legally justify separation of our humanity from 'things that need to get done'.  

    Has this understanding, perhaps, limited my route to fiscal riches beyond my (obviously limited ;) imagination?  Perhaps.   Has this understanding, and my sometimes strong commitment to live from it, let me sleep better at night with myself?  Mostly yes… except when I’m worrying about 'money' of course 😜.

    In my heart of hearts, I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay at the end of the day.  There are other ways to survive and thrive on planet Earth than wielding a huge bank account (though, obviously, it is much more tricky to do so in 2017 North America, and getting trickier).   I know my bank account of Creativity, Compassion, and Curiosity is full to overflowing.  Some will tell me that isn’t enough.  They may be right.  I don’t know. 

    I do know this though: it is ALL personal.  We are all connected. A business exchange is just one of the ways the Universe keeps us turning towards each other and encouraging us to relate and sort through the puzzle of human relationship.

    I think I’ll go with a line from each of my guiding stars:  "Consider (my) current position…" and "Keep (my) life simple, be direct, and don’t let (my) emotions take over."  I can do that much. 
    I’ll love to chat more on this - but rent is due in a week or so.   I’m personally committed to making sure my relationship with my landlord continues to be an excellent relationship.  So until next time, my fine blog-reading Peeps - I wish you well and wish you good things in your always personal life.