• Thar She BLOWS!

    (I had a whale of a time building this wee beauty :) 

    It’s HAPPENING!  It’s taken a bit of sweat and elbow grease and not just a little bit of ego-massaging… but the new BrilliantEye.ca website is LAUNCHED!

    Any of you folk that have self-built their own website would most likely know how challenging it can be to have to "define" one’s self and what one "does" in the world.  Yet it is a good challenge (I kept telling myself) to face every few years or so.

    To be clear here: I built this site. But I did not build it alone.  There are a number of folks that helped me with feedback and encouragement.  Some of their suggestions helped improve this site, while some of their suggestions will be on hold until ver 3.0 comes around ;)   In any event, all feedback and well-wishes and grammar policing has been greatly appreciated by this Brilliant Eye guy. 😎👍🏼

    I won’t go on much more right now.  I’ll let you have a bit of "personal" time with my new site.   I do hope you like it.  If you do, let me know.  And if something doesn’t seem right to you, let me know that too.  (I may not change anything, but I will ponder your input and, as mentioned, appreciate it muchly in any case.)

    Cheers my fine Peeps!  

    Looking forward to helping you all let the world know your most truly awesome stories!


  • Soft Launches & Cold Lunches

    Well, my "new" BrilliantEye.ca website is launched.  
    Um.... sort of. 🤔

    Let me explain.  First off, let me tell you that it has taken SO much more energy than I had ever imagined to create this new version of What I Do For A Living. What I thought I'd accomplish in a couple weeks took twice as long.  Was it worth it?  I think so... but this website isn't for ME, of course.   It is for YOU.   So, let me know if I've tossed the better part of a month away on making it pretty and nice. 😉

    Secondly, this project really reminded me of a phrase a good buddy once said to me. "I pity the perfectionist."

    Now, I've got some grey hairs (or "silver" as I like to call it) and I've learned a thing or two in my 50+ years riding around on this strange mudball called Earth. One thing I've learned is that phrase above is a valid one.   I've learned that nothing is ever perfect.  Except, perhaps, imperfection itself. Yet even knowing this truth I did somewhat torture myself over the weeks of building this website from the ground up again.  What colours?  What images? What's MY message I want YOU to know about ME?  What message do I NOT want you to know about me?  etc etc etc.

    Thus, the "soft launch".   Many of you will not read this blog until after I do the HARD launch.  The soft launch is so that a select (and please take no offence if you were not initially included in this crew - take it as a simple fact I spared you some potentially challenging conversations with me 😎) bunch of people can go over this site with their fine-toothed combs or, if inspired to do so, with a big knarly hair brush.   They will let me know what they like and dislike.  They will let me know what is WRONG or, alternatively, NOT RIGHT with this version of the website. They will, in effect, be a first guard for me against the hideous perils of Public Shame and Loss-of-Face that could result from not getting it perfect.   (And I love them, truly, for taking the time ❤️)

    As I worked on the content and construction of the new BrilliantEye.ca, there were many a lunch that sat beside my laptop getting cold as I wrestled with a rogue image placement or fenced with an arrogant pronoun. But, eventually, hunger drove me to look 10 to 12 inches to the left or right of my computer to locate sustenance. And then, after a few distracted bites, I got back to the work at hand.

    Hope you like the site. I really do.  It's not perfectly RIGHT but it, at least, isn't (and I've checked with my peeps on this) WRONG. 

  • How To Get OLD Gracefully (and other Artistic Decisions) 


    To get the Blog Ball rolling... here is a word or two.

    Looking forward to having my own BLOG to yak out to the world from. This website has been quite a journey for me over the last few weeks. Defining myself as I pass the mid-life point is a very interesting exercise.  Parts of me feel younger, and other parts feel so so ANCIENT.   And, on varied days, these components vary and shift.

    The fear of looking like an "old man trying to look young" gets in the way of an "experienced life-wise fellow with a youthful attitude" at times.  But I'll do my best to keep up the good (and young) fight!  ;) 

    The best tip I've received so far: avoid the cheese.   (they may have been talking about the dairy product, but I think the advice works well with the topic I'm currently writing about.

    For me, Creativity has no "increasing age" detriment. In fact, some years under one's belt seems to season the salad. 

    So, no real sweats for me on this topic.  Just gotta get to the gym more often - keep the machine in shape - and, as mentioned, avoid the CHEESE!  ;)

    Cheers for now!