My Favorite Camera Is The One I Have With Me

    What does a photographer do when he or she needs a vacation? Travel to some beautiful place and then NOT takes photos?  Hmmm… but if they DO take photos can they be said to REALLY be on vacation?  

    Such deep and puzzling questions for us to ponder here.   

    Myself?  Well, as I find myself on my first full vacation in many years, I have decided to Go Lite.  My iPhone has a pretty decent camera.  I can do a lot with it.  And yet, being that it fits in my shirt pocket, I don’t feel "weighed down" with my 5 pound "pro" rig.  I feel, also, a bit freer to experiment and also just Take Snapshots. 

    Don’t get me wrong - I do dig out my "big" camera now and then.  But overall I’m giving myself a break from NTGPTSEWA Syndrome. (Needing To Take A Good Photograph That Someone Else Will Approve.)

    If you follow me on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/reindesmit  you can follow along and take a look at my snaps. Warning: I’m a Selfy King, taking shots of myself in the scenery from long before it was popular to do so.  

    So please ignore my face as best you can and keep your eyes on the background!  ;)


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