Working either from his multi-talented team of one, or engaging in more challenging projects with his talented and committed associates, Reinier's intention of great customer satisfaction in getting their story out to the world.  At all times, cost effective, but also time effective - with a fine balance between budget and an effective final product.

Associates of the Brilliant Eye

Sometimes it takes a bigger team to tackle the bigger challenges

Channel 3 Communications started with an idea – go the extra mile to help organizations get their messages to the right audience. Armed with her passion for collaboration and a deep desire to to contribute to work that really matters to Canadians, Nanci Corrigan founded Channel 3 Communications, Inc. in 1997. Applying her creative and organizational talents, she and her team work with people and organizations in health, education and research, 


A flexible and mobile boutique firm, Nanci's Channel 3 talented crew is smart, nimble, and stays personally invested in whatever project is on deck.

The Eye in Teamwork